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MiniTwins Championship Regulations 2018

All items not mentioned in the following articles must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine. Everything that is not authorised and prescribed in these rules is strictly forbidden.

Each club may appoint Eligibility Officers for the class. They will refer to the organisers of the series for the definitive interpretation of these regulations. This decision will be final.

a. Any four-stroke twin cylinder motorcycle originally sold for road use with a water cooled engine of up to 650cc, or an air cooled engine of up to 820cc, may be used provided it adheres to the 72 SAE hp power limit for the series.

b. Older models may be updated with genuine parts found on a newer version of the same model and newer models may use parts from older machines as required. All parts must be used as intended for the homologated machine and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

c. All machines must comply with the machine preparation regulations as set out in the 2014 ACU handbook for road race meetings.

d. In order to control costs, machine damage may be repaired in a manner agreed with the series Eligibility Officer and the Chief Technical Steward of the club. No advantage may be gained from such modifications.

e. All machines must function on normal unleaded fuel available from public service stations with a maximum 102 octane in adherence with ACU standards. E85 Bio-Fuel from public outlets is permitted.

1 Frame and Swing Arm

1.1 Frame and swing arm must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine. Nothing may be added or removed from the frame body.

1.2 Rear sub frame may be replaced or modified. The sub frame may only be altered if it was originally designed to be unbolted from the frame body.

1.3 Refinishing of frame or swing arm to a suitable standard is acceptable.

2 Suspension

2.1 Forks must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine with the exception of the following:

2.1.1 Original internal parts of the fork may be modified or replaced. After market damper kits or valves may by installed. Fork springs may be replaced.

2.1.2 Fork caps may not be modified or replaced beyond the homologated standard to allow external adjustments.

2.1.3 Fork stanchions must retain the original finish. No additional surface treatments are allowed.

2.1.4 Refinishing of the outer fork tubes to a suitable standard is acceptable.

2.2 Steering damper may be added although it cannot act as a steering lock device.

2.3 Rear suspension unit can be changed or modified. The original attachment to the frame and swing arm must be as homologated.

2.4 The rear suspension linkage must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine.

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