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Suggested Modifications for MiniTwins Bikes

Here are a few thoughts on the possible options for preparing a race bike for the MiniTwins Championship.

With a view to keeping costs down it is not necessary to do all of the modification to your bike although I would suggest the 'Simple Option' list as a starting point.

Where there isn't a simple option it means the 'Best Option' is highly recommended.


Best Option Full fairing, including seat unit
Simple Option Standard equipment plus belly pan


Best Option Braided hoses and replacement pads
Simple Option n/a


Best Option Crash bobbins to protect frame and bodywork
Simple Option n/a

Handle Bars

Best Option Third party clip ons with removable bars
Simple Option Standard equipment

Foot Pegs

Best Option Third party adjustable rear sets
Simple Option Jack up plates for standard pegs


Best Option Full race system
Simple Option Race end can unit


Best Option Specific jetting kit and third party air filter
Simple Option Standard jetting


Best Option Replacement springs with different weight oil
Simple Option n/a

Rear Shock

Best Option Fully adjustable race shock unit
Simple Option Unit from more sophisticated road bike

Wet Riding

Best Option Spare wheels and discs with wet race tyres
Simple Option Standard race tyres

Steering Problems

Best Option Steering damper to limit any movement
Simple Option Live with it


Best Option Sump plug, oil filter, etc.
Simple Option n/a
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