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MiniTwins Rule Clarification - Part 1

Following some confusion during the 2009 season amongst a minority of entrants the organisers of the MiniTwins class feel the need to clarify the rules in certain respects.

The rules were designed to minimise costs as much as possible by permitting a fair amount of flexibility over normal FIM racing rules but the overall premise is that the opening statement remains and is intended to keep things as simple as possible:

"All items not mentioned in the following articles must remain as originally produced by the manufacturer for the homologated machine. Everything that is not authorised and prescribed in these rules is strictly forbidden."

In this instance it appears that there has been some confusion over this rule in relation to the introduction of an air scoop to supply 'clean' air to the air box on certain machines. Whether there is a tangible benefit or not of such a modification it requires several changes that contravene this rule. To prevent further discussion on the issue, and thus ensure a more level playing field for 2010 and beyond, we are recommending clubs organising MiniTwins championships be more proactive in enforcing this rule in future.

The introduction of these air scoops has required additional air tubes or scoops and modifications to move the radiator to allow the tubes to pass easily to the air box. To cover the issue in more detail the following rule is quite clear in allowing radiators from earlier, or later, models to be used but ensures they must be fitted in the standard position using only the original brackets and mounting points, i.e. any bracket extensions or other changes to move the position of the radiator are not permitted:

"Older models may be updated with genuine parts found on a newer version of the same model and newer models may use parts from older machines as required. All parts must be used as intended for the homologated machine and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations."


"The original radiator and oil cooler, if fitted, must remain as homologated."

Air scoops are not in breach of the rules per se as the choice of fairing is free, i.e. "Fairing, mudguards and seat unit may be altered or replaced and need not conform to the homologated shape as originally produced by the manufacturer.". Should that fairing have some kind of scoop as part of it's design then that is permitted as long as the scoop is self-supporting and requires no additional fixings, etc. and is attached only to the main fairing. When the fairing is removed the air scoop must remain with it and come off in one complete piece. No scoops or tubing can be attached to the frame or any other part of the bike and must not be fixed to the air box or other air intakes that lead to the air box on the machine.

We look forward to welcoming more competitors in to the class in the 2010 and hope everyone will abide by the rules as they have been laid out.

MiniTwins Rule Clarification - Part 2

The introduction of the new Suzuki Gladius has raised a number of questions concerning the series rules, in particular the rule about the interchangeability of parts across different generations of the same motorcycle, i.e.:

“Older models may be updated with genuine parts found on a newer version of the same model and newer models may use parts from older machines. All parts must be used as intended for the homologated machine and in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.”.

The Suzuki SV650S and SV650 are clearly the same model of motorcycle, albeit faired and unfaired respectively. The carbureted SV650 and the fuel injection SV650 are also different generations of the same model.

The Gladius, known officially as the SFV650, is a totally new motorcycle from Suzuki that does not share any parts with the SV650, even the engine is totally new despite retaining the v-twin configuration.

The transfer of any parts between the Gladius and the SV650 will be in contravention of the MiniTwins rules, just as swapping parts between different models from Ducati or any other manufacturers eligible for the MiniTwins class would be.

Suzuki have added the Gladius to their racer discount programme to show their support for the model and the MiniTwins series. Any queries regarding this or any other bike and their eligibility for the series should be directed towards the series organisers.

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