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Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I change the suspension linkage plates?
A) No, these need to be left as standard.
Q) Can I fit an ignition advancer or any electronic devices that have a similar effect?
A) No, that counts as engine tuning which is not allowed under the current rules.
Q) Can I change the front and rear sprockets for different sizes? What about using a 520 chain rather than 525?
A) Yes, you are allowed to change the gearing and the size of the chain.
Q) Am I allowed to blue print the engine or make any internal alterations to it?
A) No, the engine needs to remain as standard for all machines.
Q) Can I alter the air box, implement any kind of ram air system or run without a filter?
A) No, you may alter the filter but there must be one. Everything else must remain as standard.
Q) Are we allowed to modify the wiring loom for a new rev counter?
A) As long as the loom is modified as set out in the rules there is no problem modifying or replacing the existing loom.
Q) Can we remove the ignition switch? What about removing the switch gear normally mounted on the clip ons?
A) The ignition switch may be removed but you will have to rely on the kill switch as your only means of switching off the engine. The remaining switch gear is considered part of the handle bar and is therefore free to be changed.
Q) I can't find any spare wheels to use for wet tyres. Can I use ones from a different bike?
A) No, you are limited to the standard fitment for the model you are using. If you have a Suzuki SV650 it has been alleged that the Bandit 600 wheels are the same.
Q) Changing the wheels is proving difficult. Can I use different spacers instead of the speedo drive, etc.?
A) Whilst not being standard parts in the interests of safety different wheel spacers may be used.
Q) Will there be other questions and answers on here?
A) Yes, when I work out what else would be helpful.
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