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MiniTwins Championship 2018

Now entering the sixteenth seasons of affordable competitive racing, 2003 to 2018.

The MiniTwins race series was created by a couple of racers looking for an affordable championship using modern machinery that would attract beginners and experienced racers alike. The series was run for the first time in 2003 under the auspices of Bemsee, the largest racing club in the world.

In 2004 MiniTwins continued to grow with Bemsee and a second, smaller series was run by North Gloucester Road Racing Club to support their Sound of Thunder series.For 2005 the series grew to include an MRO championship, that was the natural step to British Championship level, and was shown on television on Sky during the year. The 2006 season saw MiniTwins championships at Bemsee, MRO, North Gloucester, Auto 66 and North East Motorcycle Racing Club.

The series is open to any water cooled, four stroke, twin cylinder machine of up to 650cc, or air cooled, four stroke machine of up to 820cc. Tuning is limited to adding a race exhaust system and altering the jetting, or fuel injection mapping for the more modern bikes. Suspension may be modified and race bodywork can be added. The modifications are limited to keep development and running costs to a minimum.

For 2009 the MiniTwins class expanded to join the ThunderSportGB programme of events. Along with the Bemsee MiniTwins Championship the class is now run at three of the four largest clubs in the UK and the profile will continue to grow with more television coverage and other high profile activities during the race season.

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